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Update 1/9/2016: Community Room Use at Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Station #221.

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District would like to make sure the community of Silver Knolls and the surrounding area(s) are informed regarding the use of the community room at TMFPD’s Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Station #221. We want to assure residents that the policy has not changed for the use of the Community Room. We at TMFPD invite the room to be used by non-profit organizations and community groups such as HOA’s, CAB’s, 4-H, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District owns and manages several fire stations that have attached facility community rooms. These facilities are utilized for both District and non-District sponsored approved events. While it is desirable to provide as much access to District facilities as possible, it is also necessary to protect the District and taxpayer from liability resulting from the use of District facilities by persons and organization for various non-District sponsored events. This is the reason we require a Use Request Form be reviewed prior to using the facility.

We invite all parties that are interested in using the room to obtain the form at the Silver Knolls Community Organization's website, at the fire station, or through the TMFPD’s Administrative Office simply by sending a request via email to Once the completed request form is received by the SKCO, a copy will be forward to TMFPD via fax to 775-326-6003 or e-mail to The request will be reviewed by the Deputy Chief of Operations and Fire Marshal for District’s approval. Once processed, confirmation will be sent back to the requesting party. Please note, room use is on a first come, first serve basis. Approval can take up to two weeks for approval depending on the season.

Any additional supplemental or requested paperwork required at the time of approval that is not attached could delay the approval process. Paperwork required for approval and consideration for room use by Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District is a one page application and could require additional forms such as Facility Use Hold Harmless Agreement, Maintenance Housekeeping Station Use Form and Appropriate Proof of Insurance.

We appreciate your assistance in processing reservation requests and would love to have your non-profit organizations/groups use this facility. With this TMFPD Community Room we can all benefit from its use.

Please come enjoy and use the Community room at Silver Lake Volunteer Station #221.

12/26/2015: Changing our Fire Protection Services

We want to give the community a heads-up regarding emergency services in our area. There may be some changes coming as of January 1st, 2016.

Discussion and possible approval of a notice to cancel all contracts with the volunteer 501(c)3 organizations, including our fire station Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Department, and 4 others, was presented to the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District Board of Fire Commissioners (made up of the Board of County Commissioners) on October 20, this year. The BoFireC approved the recommended changes, with our Commissioner Herman dissenting.

The volunteer program’s management and reporting structure is being reformed. “The District will no longer contract with individual volunteer nonprofit corporations and will centralize all functions under TMFPD.”

Under the current arrangement, the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD) contracts with individual 501(c)3 non-profit corporations. The 501(c)3 then directs the activities of each individual station including appointment of a volunteer fire chief. In October, our SLVFD has received written notice that “upon termination of the agreement all equipment and vehicles will be returned to the District’s possession within fifteen days.” (Editor’s note: most of the equipment already belongs to the County, it’s not being confiscated.) Termination of the agreement signifies the withdrawal of the volunteer department’s authority to provide fire fighting, emergency medical aid, and other related activities within Washoe County.

Our volunteers intend to sign up and serve under TMFPD and continue to serve Silver Knolls. Those who do not sign up will be terminated. We should know more in the near future. Acting on behalf of the TMFPD, Chief Moore will be apprising us of the changes, hopefully between now and January 1st. Any pertinent changes will be posted on this website, as soon as possible.

Fire Lines

Written by Russ Earle, SilverKnollsCommunityOrganization Board President, originally published in the SLPOA newsletter December 2015

Recent 911 Call Raises Concern

Back in October a 911 call for medical aid from a Red Rock Road resident turned into a confusing situation for the responding Truckee Meadows Fire District (TMFPD) Engine 18 which is based in Cold Springs.

The caller had transposed the last two numbers of their Red Rock Road address, which translated into a 12.5 mile difference in the location of the call. The given address resulted in the dispatch of Engine 18, rather than the much closer Engine 13 from Stead, along with our Sliver Lake Volunteers.

The address mistake was identified by the REMSA dispatcher after the call was transferred to them, but they failed to call TMFPD back to advise of the corrected address. I asked Chief Moore of TMFPD for an official investigation, which they conducted. The findings were:
1. That the incorrect initial address resulted in the dispatch of Engine 18
2. The REMSA dispatcher failed to notify TMFPD of the corrected address
3. Medical aid did get to the individual by REMSA in a timely manner, but not by the fire department due to the confusion.

Chief Moore is requesting the County Fire Commission look into improvements to the dispatch procedures. I would suggest that ALL residents of Red Rock Road that are south of the cattle guard (just past John Thomas Lane) make sure they know that they are on Red Rock, NOT North Red Rock, and make sure that if 911 aid is needed, to remind the dispatchers to send Engine 13 and the Silver Lake Volunteers which are their closest responders.

I will be contacting the Washoe County Commissioners and the County Health Department (who control the REMSA contract) to request improvements to the current dispatch procedures. More to follow.

Older news...

The Bio-mass project in Silver Knolls, next to the fire house, was open April 1 through June 30, 2012.

Living with fire helping Nevadans live more safely with the threat of wildfire.

Research shows that how your house is built, the characteristics of the adjacent vegetation, and routine maintenance often determine which homes burn and which survive. The purpose of the Living With Fire website is to provide homeowners with wildfire threat reduction recommendations developed by Nevada's firefighting experts. This program also provides suggestions about what to do during and after a fire.

Reducing fire fuel on homeowners property lowers the risk of devastating wildfire in our area. During the winter and early spring, Silver Knolls residents can bring their wood waste (tree trimmings, brush and the like) to the Biomass project, in the open space just to the north of the Fire Station on Red Rock Road.

Dale reminds us that she is offering free home landscape surveys for fire control. If you would like your property assessed for wildfire danger, call Dale at 775-970-3261.

News, July 2009 - The Red Rock wildfire was burning in the Peterson Mountains to our northwest in mid July. Air tankers, helicopters and ground crews battled the fire on 4 fronts. Thank you to all those who fought the fire and kept us safe!

Our Silver Knolls Volunteer Fire Department

The Volunteer Fire Department is composed of your neighbors who work without pay to protect us during fires and medical emergencies. The volunteers recently acquired new automatic instruments to defibrillate a heart and measure pulse and oxygen in a patient. This lifesaving equipment is the result of a generous gift of five thousand dollars from local developer Bob Lissner of Lifestyle Homes, who also gave extra land for the expansion. We are always on the lookout for a few good women and men to train as firefighters and medical responders.

From the May 2007 Newsletter

The address was on the mailbox!
Every fire-fighter feels relieved at the sight of those numbers! On the medical emergency your volunteers responded to on Sunday, May 13th, USA747 the numbers were visible from Goldstone Road off Red rock. Volunteer EMS Captain Jane Stevens was able to drive straight to the house, where a 13-year-old girl had rolled over the go-kart she was driving on a visit to her grandfather.

She was lucky. The tiny vehicle was equipped with a roll cage, and the girl was wearing a protective helmet. Firefighters from Truckee Meadows Station 13, near the golf course, and Paramedics on the REMSA ambulance treated her arm and sped her to a hospital.

Why do we emphasize the address on the mailbox? When you or a neighbor have a fire, accident or sudden illness, you only have to dial 911, and tell the dispatcher the nature of the problem, and your address, and help will be on the way. Having large numbers on your home and mailbox will help us find you! Stay on the phone so the emergency operator can get all the information. Have someone stand near the mailbox to show us the way. Your Silver Lake Volunteers are ready to help.

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